Random reflections and various thoughts on developing leaders, organizations, communities, and the church in Asia.

Confessions of a travelling kleptomaniac

I have refrained from setting up a blog until now, as it sometimes seems like the supreme act of narcissism. But I’ve also learned a great deal from some profound blog postings, so I figure it can’t be all bad, right? And it may even help me to use this forum in my ongoing pursuit of self-discovery, albeit in a very public way.  Of course, self-discovery can only happen when balanced with a certain amount of self-revelation. So here goes …

I am a kleptomaniac… There, I said it. I do a fair bit of travelling in my line of work — enough that I’ve gotten quite comfortable (and a bit spoiled) with my Gold Card status in my frequent flyer program. The most common way in which I enjoy this status is by taking full advantage of the airline lounges in the various airports through which I transit. And that’s where it kicks in…

“Oooh, they have TWININGS English Breakfast tea here?” I say to myself as I stuff a few tea bags in my pocket. “Hmm, we’re running low on Equal at home. I could use a few of these.” Several packets of Equal sweetener go into my pocket. Of course, each time I go back for refills on the tea, a few more packets somehow end up in my pockets. Before long, my pants are bulging, and the servers are beginning to wonder how so many people could be drinking that much tea and sweetener.

Then I go to the magazine rack. I pick up a copy each of Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Golf Digest (even though I rarely play), and some obscure travel magazine advertising undiscovered Bulgarian resorts (even though I’m guessing there are good reasons why they are still undiscovered). I quickly flip through the mags, and all of them end up in my bag. Hey, there are some good stories in there I’m going to read … eventually. And besides, my wife appreciates it when I bring things back for her from my trips.

So next time you get that well-thought-out gift from me  — you know, the bundle of toothpicks, or that ultra-stylish folding travel comb — remember, it may have come to you courtesy of one of my favorite airline lounges.

Now I’m just trying to figure out how to poach that nice tray of dragon fruit without making a total mess of my carry-on. And hey, the silk cushion on that armchair would go very nicely in our living room …

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